The inventor and company founder, George Willison, made a rough prototype of theDECKtool™ about 10 years ago.

He made the tool to solve a continuing problem of not being able to get all kinds of debris out from between the deck boards. After blowing off the deck there were still numerous items stuck between the boards. These included leaves, pine needles, oak clusters, helicopter seeds, and the worst, pine cone scales. These are almost impossible to get out. A big problem in the fall was that the bright purple sweet gum leaves that make the trees so beautiful will really stain the light gray deck when they lie on the deck and get wet.

George used the tool regularly for 10 years without too much thought. Then a year ago painters were working on cleaning up his deck before painting it and one was down on his hands and knees getting the debris out with a hand tool. George brought the painter his original tool to try and the painter was immediately appreciative and enthusiastic about this tool. Last winter George started working on developing and improving theDECKtool™ into the beneficial tool that it is today.