"I love this tool! Keeping a deck clean, especially the groves can be pain but the deck tool has made it easier. Thanks for making a product thats, functional, durable, easy to use, and affordable!" 

Micah, Atlanta

"Just bought my first home and didn't realize how annoying it is to clean out the deck cracks... This tool definitely makes it MUCH easier!"

Mike, Atlanta

"The Deck Tool makes it much easier to get all the debris out from the gaps, an a lot less worry about deck boards rotting."

Dale, Alpharetta

"I use the Deck Tool to clear my parents deck. No more worry about leaving leaves and sticks between the boards."

Jacob, Alpharetta

"It is much more comfortable not having to bend down all the time." 

Stacey, Lake Oconee

"I tried a number of ways to extract the compacted material from between the boards but nothing worked like your tool!"

Christine, Montreal

"That tool is great! Such a big help.  Those leaves and seeds are so aggravating."

Laura, Alpharetta

"The tool is a lifesaver with a big deck and redwoods around."

Terry, LaHonda