Is the blade thin enough to reach between the boards on my deck?

The blade is the same thickness as a used dime, .040".  So it will fit into quite narrow spaces.

How strong is the blade?  What happens if I bend it?

The blade is heat-treated stainless steel and is very strong.  But with a 4 foot lever you can certainly bend it.  If you bend it and it is not usable in your opinion, just contact us and we will send you a new one at no charge.  It is guaranteed.

What if I am not in the US or Canada?  Can I get a Decktool?

We only ship to the US and Canada because the shipping cost is extremely high for a 4 foot long item.  However, if you are handy and would like to make your own, we offer a package of 2 blades for sale and we will ship you those at a reasonable cost.  A number of customers have done this and it has worked well for them.  In our website click on search, and then write in blades and that item will come up.

Is there a best way to use the Decktool?

Yes there is definitely a best way.  If you are right handed, hold your blower in your left hand so that it is just hanging and pointing down at about 70 degrees.  Hold the Decktool in your right hand so that it reaches the deck.  As you move along blowing the leaves and debris, when something won't come out, pick it out with the Decktool while you are blowing it and it will just blow away.  Very easy!